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Pet Rabbit Ridge

Wild Life Conservation is a must . . .
In each and every one of our lives . . .

                 Pet Rabbit Ridge ... Mon - Sat.   10am - 6pm
                      ( Open Sunday by Appointment Only )   
                                       (706) 499-3683
            We specialize in year-round rabbit production for pet stores and various local venders, but also welcome the public to buy direct from our farm for substantial savings. Our prices are very reasonable. Compare our prices to your local pet store prices and you will see how quickly a short drive in the country could save you up to 75% on your pet purchases alone ! ... We also sell small pet pens for your new pet, or purchase one of our complete "Pet Pen Systems" which are very reasonably priced. No matter what size "Pet Pen" you are looking for, we can custom build single Pens or entire "Pet Pen Systems" to your specifications in order to fulfill your needs. (Custom orders must be paid in advance...) For a "Free" consultation, please visit our farm during regular business hours...
                 Mon.- Sat.  10am - 6pm .  
                      (706) 499 - 3683       

I give my breeders extra attention...
They love carrots and apples for snacks...


Custom Pet Pens...  Just let us know what you need...
                            (706) 499 - 3683

48" Breeder Hutch
Includes Stand & Roof

The "4' Premium 2 Door Hutch" is ideal for anyone who is interested in  breeding their own pet rabbits !!! The durable construction not only protects your Pet Rabbit while you are away from home, this design is built for years of reliable service... Priced to sell at just $195.00 !!!


New Babies Available Each Month !!!
Rex / Dutch / Palomino Mixes
Born 04 /20 /09

All rabbits are fed and watered twice a day with only the finest feeds available to insure proper nutrition and over-all health.
If you have recently purchased a Rabbit from Jones Road Farms, I urge you to visit our new Website "Caring For Your New Pet Rabbit" to help you better understand your new pet's needs.

The new Website "Caring For Your New Pet Rabbit" is a great members' based site to help you get answers to any questions you may have about caring for your new pet rabbit... But it's also a great site to make friends that love to show off their new pets through photos and videos that you can easily upload once you have joined as a member. Membership is "Totally Free" to anyone that wants to learn more about rabbits. No purchase is necessary...



I try my best to keep my prices reasonable, but due to rising costs, I will be increasing the prices in the near future to $10.00 ea. for the fresh weaned Standard Brennals in order to cover the feed costs as well as housing for my breeders.
           Hope to see you at the farm soon !!!
                      Steve Collier
Have questions about how to care for your new pet rabbit ? Please visit my new website "Caring For Your New Pet Rabbit" to help answer any questions you may have about caring for your new pet rabbit. All the information is totally free and no purchase is necessary . . .  But you may want to join as a member and start uploading your favorite Photos and Videos of your New Pet Rabbit  to create your own personal journal to share with friends and relatives as well as other site members !!!  REMEMBER . . . All the information provided is totally free . . . No purchase or membership is necessary.

Our Rabbit Prices...
Fresh Weaned Kits Available Every Month !_______________________________________
 ( Price guide reflects prices of Standard Brennals and all their mixes ...)
Weaned to 8 weeks   =   $10.00  
8 weeks to 12 weeks   =   $12.50 
3 months to 4 months   =   $15.00
4 months to 5 months   =   $20.00
Young Bucks  ( 5 months & older ) =   $20.00 and up each ( When Available )
Does... ( 5 months Unproven Breeder)  =  $25.00 each
Proven Breeders  =  $30.00 each
Pre-Bred Proven Breeders  =  $40.00 each
Note: Breeders of other Breeds of rabbits than "Standard Brennal" are slightly higher, but very reasonably priced... 
Specialty Breed Price Guide...
Rex Rabbits ... All colors start at $15.00 each for weaned to 8 weeks.
Mini Rabbit Breeds start at $15.00 each for weaned to 8 weeks old ... Includes Mini Rex, Mini Dutch, Mini Havana, and Mini Standard Brennal. ( Available first week of August 2010. )
Holland Lops start at $20.00 each ... Large variety of colors to choose from. ( When Available )
French or Standard Lop Mixes start at $10.00 each...
Dutch in Black or Golden start at $10.00 each for weaned to 8 weeks.

Blue or Dark Eyed White start at $15.00 each for weaned to 8 weeks.
Blue Havana/ Broken Blue Havana & Blue Dutch start at $20.00 each for weaned to 8 weeks when available...
Dwarf Breeds are very limited due to very small litters and low survival rate... $35.00 each when available...
( Breeders for all my specialty Breeds will be available in the spring of 2011. Prices will vary depending on the particular breed you are interested in. I hope to develop a fair price guide for them between now and then. )
Note: All rabbit prices increase by $2.50 per month after 2 months of age to help cover feed costs.


Pet Rabbit Ridge    Open Mon - Sat  10am - 6pm

          ( Open Sun. by Appointment Only )

Phone (706) 499 - 3683

1785 Ben Jones Rd.

Clarkesville, Ga. 30523


Please get in touch with us if you have any questions... 

You can e-mail us at:

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